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Battle Shapers

Game Description

Battle Shapers is a blazing-fast, sci-fi FPS roguelite in which you shoot and smash your way through swarms of corrupt robots. Wield powerful weapons, abilities and game-changing new powers stolen from ruthless Overlords to bring New Elysium back to the utopia it once was.

Does Battle Shapers have Multiplayer Co-op Mode or PvP Mode?

Battle Shapers is currently a single-player game.

Battle Shapers Game Trailer

Are there any plans to add multiplayer or co-op mode?

"We appreciate the excitement, despite the lack of co-op. Not to mention, are thankful for the feedback from everyone 🙂 No plans currently for these changes, but we're always listening and seeing where things will take us as we move into Early Access in the not-so distant future." - slimmedtwig [Developer]

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Is there a multiplayer mod for Battle Shapers?

There is no multiplayer mod for Battle Shapers.

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Steam Steam
Official website
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