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Coral Island

Does Coral Island have Multiplayer Co-op or PvP?

Coral Island is currently a single-player game.

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Are there any plans to add multiplayer or co-op mode?

"We are planning for the full version of Coral Island (1.0 version) to include complete questlines, more content, and features not yet present during Early Access. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Completed storylines for the Coral Three, Pufferfish, and other, yet-to-be-revealed narratives
- Complete interactions with NPCs (heart events, dynamic dialogue)
- Marriage, the ability to have children, and kids growing up
- NPC Outfits for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (most NPCs)
- NPC Outfits for swimming and festivals (select NPCs)
- House exterior customization
- A total of 9 festivals
- Access to the 30m and 40m diving depths
- Access to the Wind and Fire shafts in the cavern
- 1 new biome to unlock and explore
- Merfolk NPCs and Kingdom
- Fully-fledged multiplayer*
- And more!

* Multiplayer to be added as a post-launch update.”" - Stairway Games [Developer]

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Is there a multiplayer mod for Coral Island?

There is no multiplayer mod for Coral Island.

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