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Hot Brass

Hot Brass Multiplayer Gameplay

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Hot Brass Multiplayer Information Table

General Information
Genre2D Action Co-op Shooter Stealth Strategy Tactical Team-Based Top-Down Shooter
Max Players4 players
Game Mode Information
Co-op Campaign Singleplayer Campaign Supported Up to 4 players
Co-op Campaign Multiplayer Campaign Not supported
Co-op Mode Not supported
Versus Mode Not supported
Multiplayer System Information
Support Local play Shared Screen? Supported Up to 4 players
Support Local play Split Screen? Not supported
Support LAN play? Supported Up to 4 players
Support Online play? Supported Up to 4 players
Support Mixed Local & Online play? Supported Up to 4 players
Support Dedicated Server? Not supported
Controllers for Local Play Shared / Split Screen
Play with Mouse & Keyboard + Controllers Supported
Play with Controllers only Not supported
Play on the same Mouse & Keyboard Not supported
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Steam Steam
Official website

How to play Hot Brass in Co-op or Multiplayer Mode?

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All Hot Brass Multiplayer Game Modes Information

Co-op Campaign Main Campaign

Co-op Campaign Up to 4 Players – When SWAT gets the call, everything else has failed. Experience the high-risk world of the elite SWAT operator. The job is tense, and every split-second decision has consequences. From infiltration to de-escalation: keen awareness, expert tactics and a strategic use of equipment are key to becoming a master of tactical strategy.

Hot Brass Multiplayer Score

Multiplayer Score : Good 4/5

Hot Brass Pros

  1. Has co-op campaign or co-op story mode
  2. Supports Local play shared / split screen
  3. Supports Online play
  4. Has public play or match making
  5. Has lot of multiplayer contents

Hot Brass Cons

  1. Small community and player-based
  2. There are still some bugs

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