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Dear Esther Multiplayer Mod

Dear Esther Multiplayer Mod

How many players can play with Dear Esther Multiplayer Mod? (Max Players)

Dear Esther Multiplayer Mod supports up to 255 players.

Mod Information
Mod NameDear Esther Multiplayer Mod
Development StatusFull Release
Max Players255 players
Game Mode Information
Co-op Campaign Singleplayer Campaign Supported Up to 255 players
Co-op Campaign Multiplayer Campaign Not supported
Co-op Mode Not supported
Versus Mode Not supported
Multiplayer System Information
Support Local play Shared Screen? Not supported
Support Local play Split Screen? Not supported
Support LAN play? Supported Up to 255 players
Support Online play? Supported Up to 255 players
Support Mixed Local & Online play? Not supported
Support Dedicated Server? Not supported
Dear Esther Multiplayer Mod Source Code

Download Dear Esther Multiplayer Mod

This mod only work with Dear Esther original version (Source Engine). It won't work with Dear Esther: Landmark Edition (Unity).

This is private mod and it is not available to download.

Step by Step how to how to play and setup Dear Esther Multiplayer Mod

  1. Host Port Forwarding : Port 27015
  2. Launch Dear Esther
  3. Enable Developer Console
  4. Open Console
  5. Host Type net_start (To disable LAN server)
  6. Host Type sv_lan 0 (To disable LAN server)
  7. Host Type maxplayers # (# = number of players)
  8. Host Type map #(# = map name / First map name is donnely)
  9. Host Type sv_cheats 1 (Enable Cheats)
  10. Client Type connect # (# = IP Address)
  11. Type noclip (When you stuck and try it again to cancel)

If you want to see each other

  1. Host Type prop_dynamic_create esther/misc/ghost_005.mdl
  2. Host Type ent_setname player1
  3. Host Type ent_fire player1 setparent !player
  4. Client Type prop_dynamic_create esther/misc/ghost_005.mdl
  5. Client Type ent_setname player2
  6. Client Type ent_fire player2 setparent !activator

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