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ULTRAKILL Multiplayer Mod (Jaket)

ULTRAKILL Multiplayer Mod (Jaket)

How many players can play with ULTRAKILL Multiplayer Mod (Jaket)? (Max Players)

ULTRAKILL Multiplayer Mod (Jaket) supports up to 99 players.

Mod Information
Mod NameJaket
Development StatusWork in progress (WIP)
Max Players99 players
Game Mode Information
Co-op Campaign Singleplayer Campaign Supported Up to 99 players
Co-op Campaign Multiplayer Campaign Not supported
Co-op Mode Not supported
Versus Mode Supported Up to 99 players
Multiplayer System Information
Support Local play Shared Screen? Not supported
Support Local play Split Screen? Not supported
Support LAN play? Not supported
Support Online play? Supported Up to 99 players
Support Mixed Local & Online play? Not supported
Support Dedicated Server? Not supported
ULTRAKILL Multiplayer Mod (Jaket) Source Code
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Download ULTRAKILL Multiplayer Mod (Jaket)

Download ULTRAKILL Multiplayer Mod (Jaket)

Step by Step how to how to play and setup ULTRAKILL Multiplayer Mod (Jaket)

  1. Install r2modman (You can use Thunderstore Mod Manager but it has Ads)
  2. Launch r2modman
  3. Search for ULTRAKILL
  4. Select ULTRAKILL and profile
  5. Select Online and Download BepInExPack and Jaket
  6. Launch ULTRAKILL via Start Modded
  7. Start Game
  8. Press F1 to open Multiplayer menu
  9. Host Select CREATE LOBBY and invite friends via Steam Invite or share LOBBY CODE
  10. Client Join via Steam Invite or LOBBY CODE or Lobby Browser

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