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Download and Try Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together Demo at Next Fest October 2023

Download and Try Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together Demo at Next Fest October 2023

Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together Demo Out Now! You can download and play it now on Steam. But multiplayer is not available in this demo yet.

Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together Demo release at NEXT FEST!

Hi Chefs!👨‍🍳

We've got some news to share with you all!🔥

Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together demo is available now during the Steam Next Fest 🍳🎮 Steam Next Fest is a multi-day celebration of upcoming games being held from October 9th to 16th, 2023. We’re a part of it and we’re showing a sneak peek of our new game! 👨‍🍳

We’ve been working on Cooking Simulator 2 for some time now and although the demo does not come with co-op mode yet, we’ve decided to show you some key features and mechanics that are in the core loop of the game. We have changed a lot compared to Cooking Simulator 1 and we are curious to know what you think about the new mechanics, especially a brand new feature - the blueprint system, which is a system for creating recipes! We know that you’ve been asking for this one! Remember that not all the features planned for the final version of the game are available in the demo and all the elements and mechanics you’ll see will be improved until the release of the full game itself.

🕹️ So what you can expect in the demo 🕹️

A new assembly station:
We want you to feel even more like in a realistic restaurant kitchen, that’s why we’ve designed a new assembly station where you’ll be able to put together dishes from previously prepared ingredients.

A new cutting system:
New cutting system is here to help you choose the cutting techniques and cut ingredients into equal portions.

Recipe creator:
We’ve developed a tool that works as an editor inside the game and it gives you the possibility of creating recipes and tweaking them according to the customer’s needs and orders.

Upgraded thermal treatment:
Our new system handles heat transfer within the ingredient. This means the possibility of preparing medium rare steaks!

Chef’s toolbelt:
Forgot where you put down a spatula? Now you carry necessary kitchen tools with you all the time.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and it will help us fine-tune the game for the full release. We’ve prepared a small survey so don’t hesitate and let us know what you think about the new mechanics and features! There is also a channel “feedback & suggestions” on Discord & “demo” in discussions tab on the game’s SteamPage where you can leave your thoughts.

Here you’ll find the survey:
Thank you all for your contribution!🙏

Stay tuned for more updates and remember to add the game to your wishlist!❤️‍🔥

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Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together

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