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The cutest, deadliest and ONLY top-down roguelike shooter featuring AK-wielding Axolotls. Blast your way through the animal kingdom with an arsenal of kick-ass guns, mighty power-ups and even raise an army of trigger-happy baby axolotls.

Does AK-xolotl have Multiplayer Co-op Mode or PvP Mode?

AK-xolotl is currently a single-player game.

AK-xolotl Game Trailer

Are there any plans to add multiplayer or co-op mode?


To answer your question, we are currently focusing on delivering the best single-player experience possible and that's where all our efforts are being channeled, for now. However, we know it is a feature many players have asked for, so we could revisit this idea in the future. :D" - 2Awesome CM [Developer]

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Is there a multiplayer mod for AK-xolotl?

There is no multiplayer mod for AK-xolotl.

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PlayStation Store PlayStation Store
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