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Does Barotrauma have Multiplayer Co-op or PvP?

Yes. Barotrauma supports both multiplayer co-op and PvP mode. Please see the details below.

How many players can play in Barotrauma? (Max Players)

Barotrauma supports up to 16 players.

How to play Barotrauma in Co-op or Multiplayer Mode?

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How to play Barotrauma in Split Screen on PC via Nucleus Co-op?

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Barotrauma Multiplayer Gameplay

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All Barotrauma Multiplayer Game Modes Information

Co-op Campaign Main Campaign

Co-op Campaign Up to 16 Players – In the not too distant future, humanity has fled to Jupiter’s moon. With its irradiated icy surface, life can only be found in the ocean below. Travel through a punishing underwater environment and make friends or rivals of the four factions of the world. Discover what lies in the depths of Europa.

Versus Mode Versus Mode

Versus Mode Up to 16 Players – Play with up to 16 players on board a submarine. Supplement your player count with bots as needed in either singleplayer or multiplayer game modes.

Barotrauma Multiplayer Information - Summary Table

General Information
PlatformLinux Mac OS X Windows
GenreAction Adventure Co-op Crafting Exploration Management Puzzle PvP RPG Sailing Simulation Strategy Survival Team-Based
Max Players16 players
Game Mode Information
Co-op Campaign Singleplayer Campaign Supported Up to 16 players
Co-op Campaign Multiplayer Campaign Not supported
Co-op Mode Not supported
Versus Mode Supported Up to 16 players
Multiplayer System Information
Support Local play Shared Screen? Not supported
Support Local play Split Screen? Not supported
Support LAN play? Supported Up to 16 players
Support Online play? Supported Up to 16 players
Support Mixed Local & Online play? Not supported
Support Dedicated Server? Supported
Controllers for Local Play Shared / Split Screen
Play with Mouse & Keyboard + Controllers Not supported
Play with Controllers only Not supported
Play on the same Mouse & Keyboard Not supported
Best Places to Buy or Download Barotrauma?
Steam Steam
Humble Store Humble Store
Official website

Barotrauma Multiplayer Score

Multiplayer Score : Excellent 5/5

Barotrauma Pros

  1. Has co-op campaign or co-op story mode
  2. Has co-op mode
  3. Has PvP mode
  4. Supports LAN play
  5. Supports Online play
  6. Supports Dedicated server
  7. Has public play or match making
  8. Has large community and player-based
  9. Has lot of multiplayer contents
  10. High replayability
  11. Better with friends

Barotrauma Cons

Barotrauma Frequently Asked Questions

No. Shared Screen or Split Screen is not supported for Barotrauma

Yes. LAN is supported for Barotrauma

Yes. Online is supported for Barotrauma

No. Mixed Local & Online is not supported for Barotrauma

Yes. Barotrauma have a Co-op Campaign Mode

Yes. Barotrauma have a Co-op Mode

No. Barotrauma doesn’t have a Versus Mode

If the problem persists, please contact the Developer or Game support for assistance.

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