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Choo-Choo Charles

Game Description

Navigate an open-world island in an old train, upgrade it over time, and use it to fight an evil spider train named Charles.

Does Choo-Choo Charles have Multiplayer Co-op Mode or PvP Mode?

Choo-Choo Charles is currently a single-player game.

Choo-Choo Charles Game Trailer

Are there any plans to add multiplayer or co-op mode?

"No. I know this is probably disappointing to a lot of people, but the initial release of the game will not have multiplayer. As a solo developer, even making a single player open world game is an ambitious task, but to add multiplayer support (which I donโ€™t have experience with) would make development far more difficult and time consuming. It would be a really cool feature, but it isnโ€™t feasible right now." - Two Star Games [Developer]

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Is there a multiplayer mod for Choo-Choo Charles?

Choo-Choo Charles - Multiplayer Mod

  1. Choo-Choo Charles Multiplayer Mod
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