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Does Cubox have Co-op or Multiplayer?

Yes. Cubox supports Co-op.

How many players can play in Cubox?

Cubox supports up to 100+ players.

How to play Co-op or Multiplayer?

HOW TO : Cubox | How to play Co-op and Multiplayer

Co-op Gameplay (Demo)

Watch Cubox Official Game Trailer
General Info
PlatformLinux Mac OS X Windows
GenreAction Adventure Battle Royale Co-op Competitive Fantasy Free to play Hack and Slash RPG Sandbox Shooter Survival
Max Players100+ players
Max Party Size4 players
Co-op Campaign Singleplayer Campaign Supported Up to 100+ players
Co-op Campaign Multiplayer Campaign Not supported
Co-op Mode Not supported
Versus Mode Supported Up to 5+ players
System Info
Support Local play Shared Screen? Not supported
Support Local play Split Screen? Not supported
Support LAN play? Not supported
Support Online play? Supported Up to 100+ players
Support Mixed Local & Online play? Not supported
Support Dedicated Server? Not supported
Free to Play! Download for FREE!
SteamCubox on Steam
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