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Game Description

GROSS is a unique twist on the classic tower defense genre. After building your defenses, you will jump into the action to take on enemies head-on. Make sure to collect as much cash as possible to upgrade your defenses and stay ahead of the game. Can you outlast the waves of enemies?

Does GROSS have Multiplayer Co-op Mode or PvP Mode?

GROSS is currently a single-player game.

GROSS Game Trailer

Are there any plans to add multiplayer or co-op mode?

"Alas, no. Turns out, building a multiplayer game is very different from building a single player game. Since GROSS was not built with multiplayer in mind, adding it retroactively would be a huge task. A huge, very painful task. Essentially, it would require writing most of the game from scratch again." - hangry owl games [Developer]

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Is there a multiplayer mod for GROSS?

There is no multiplayer mod for GROSS.

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