Wed. Dec 6th, 2023


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Multiplayer in SENTRY will coming in Early Access

Multiplayer in SENTRY will coming in Early Access

SENTRY Demo Out Now! You can download and play it now on Steam. But multiplayer is not available yet.

Demo Out Now! We've released our Next Fest demo a little early 🙂

Hi everyone,

We're due to take part in the upcoming Next Fest, but we thought we'd release the demo a few days early!

Current plans are to have it available till the end of Next Fest so make sure to jump into the action ASAP 🙂

This is just a snippet of the main game, so it's not got final balancing, polish etc. plus in the Early Access release you'll get extra stuff like the dynamic campaign, upgrades, loads more enemies/weapons/abilities/deployables and co-op. But you'll get all that when you check out our launch version - right now you get to shoot a bunch of aliens and vent them into space!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the demo, whether those be bugs, feedback or whatever. Best place to contact us is either the Steam forums or Discord
Check out more information here.

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