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RIFTSTORM Pre-alpha Playtest Play Now!

RIFTSTORM Pre-alpha Playtest Play Now!


Riftstorm Pre-alpha Playtests Opens for Public!

Join our exclusive pre-alpha playtest and experience the core mechanics features in action.

Starting today, November 15, 2023, we're finally releasing our public pre-alpha playtest where you can experience Riftstorm core mechanics, contribute with feedback, and improve the game in the future.

To get a preview of what the game looks like, take a look at our operative highlight STARLING in this video below: Below are some features that you can expect in the pre-alpha playtest:

Play co-op using lobby code and friend's list of up to 3 people.
Experience 4 missions with a variety of difficulties and various loot to obtain.
3 Operatives with different strengths and specialties (Starling, Atlas, and Icarus).
Compete in the playtest leaderboard and strive to be the best!
Intense rogue-lite gameplay and co-op fun.

Our pre-alpha playtests are limited from
November 15, 2023, PST, to November 21, 2023, PST.
Check out more information here.

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