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Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 Multiplayer Gameplay

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Sniper Elite V2 Multiplayer Information Table

General Information
PlatformNintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One
GenreAction Adventure Co-op Competitive PvP Shooter Survival Tactical TPS
Max Players12 players
Game Mode Information
Co-op Campaign Singleplayer Campaign Supported Up to 2 players
Co-op Campaign Multiplayer Campaign Not supported
Co-op Mode Supported Up to 2 players
Versus Mode Supported Up to 12 players
Multiplayer System Information
Support Local play Shared Screen? Not supported
Support Local play Split Screen? Not supported
Support LAN play? Not supported
Support Online play? Supported Up to 12 players
Support Mixed Local & Online play? Not supported
Support Dedicated Server? Not supported
Controllers for Local Play Shared / Split Screen
Play with Mouse & Keyboard + Controllers Not supported
Play with Controllers only Not supported
Play on the same Mouse & Keyboard Not supported
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Steam Steam
Microsoft Store Microsoft Store

How to play Sniper Elite V2 in Co-op or Multiplayer Mode?

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All Sniper Elite V2 Multiplayer Game Modes Information

Co-op Campaign Main Campaign

Co-op Campaign Up to 2 Players โ€“ You are elite US sniper Karl Fairburne. Parachuted into Berlin amidst the Germansโ€™ final stand, your mission is to prevent Nazi V2 rocket program technology from falling into the hands of the besieging Red Army. You must aid key scientists keen to defect to the US, and terminate those who would help the Russians.

Co-op Mode Kill Tally

Co-op Mode Up to 2 Players โ€“ Survive 10 Waves of enemies. Fend off increasingly numerous and difficult waves of enemy soldiers and vehicles in an enclosed environment with an infinite supply point of ammunition and explosives.

Co-op Mode Bombing Run

Co-op Mode Up to 2 Players โ€“ Players must search the environment in order to repair a truck to escape before the entire area is bombed.

Co-op Mode Overwatch

Co-op Mode Up to 2 Players โ€“ One player as the operative who undertakes said objectives, armed with short range firearms and binoculars that can be used to tag enemies for the second player, who takes the role of a sniper who covers the operative throughout.

Versus Mode Versus Mode

Versus Mode Up to 12 Players โ€“ Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Team Distance King, Distance King, Capture The Flag, and Dog Tag Harvest

Sniper Elite V2 Multiplayer Score

Multiplayer Score : Good 4/5

Sniper Elite V2 Pros

  1. Has co-op campaign or co-op story mode
  2. Has co-op mode
  3. Has PvP mode
  4. Supports Online play
  5. Has public play or match making
  6. Has lot of multiplayer contents

Sniper Elite V2 Cons

  1. There is a better version of this game

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